Reverse osmosis filter Ecosoft P’URE AQUACALCIUM (MO675MACPUREECO)

Create water with minerals, like nature itself

The filter cleans the water when there is no electricity.

Permanent reserve of drinking water up to 7 liters thanks to the storage tank.

100% safe – viruses and bacteria don’t stand a chance. Only water molecules pass through the membrane.

Calcium water is delicious and healthy. Calcium is completely absorbed by the body directly from water.

The optimal and constant content of minerals in water is 55-65 mg/l.

Simple connection – your kitchen will remain intact. The filter will be installed under the sink as compactly as possible thanks to its durable design. There is the possibility of vertical and horizontal placement. Only an additional faucet for drinking water will be added to your sink.

Easy maintenance — constant access to high quality water. Replaceable filter elements are sold in convenient kits and any member of the family can install them. In addition, we are always nearby – we are happy to answer your questions and remind you about replacing cartridges.

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