Twin filter for water softening Ecosoft FU1252TWIN



Article: FU1252 TWIN

339,000.00 L


Twin filter for water softening Ecosoft FU 1252CE

Tiparet kryesore

2.9 m³ of clean water per hour

Effective reduction of the content of hardness salts

Low operating costs

5 years of operation of the filter material

Full automation of filter operation


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Informacioni i produktit

Twin filter for water softening Ecosoft FU 1252CE is designed to effectively reduce water hardness.

Sediment on heating elements of household appliances, white coating on tiles and sanitary ware, water on glass surfaces – all this is hard water.

In addition to the negative impact on the condition of electrical appliances, the high content of hardness ions also affects human health. Such a problem is inherent both to water from natural sources and to tap water. The reasons may be hard spring water, the imperfection of centralized treatment technologies, as well as the use of outdated technologies.

The filter is connected to the cold water supply pipe. Water previously cleaned of mechanical impurities enters the filter box filled with Dowex filter material. Water, passing through the ion exchange resin, is softened. Purified water is supplied to the consumer through the central housing pipe.

After the material source is exhausted, the control valve switches one filter housing to the regeneration mode, the second to the working mode.

The regeneration is done with purified water and is done in 5 stages, which are clearly programmed and carried out by the valve itself.
The first stage – the system is washed with a reverse flow of water, which allows you to loosen the filter material and wash mechanical impurities from it.
Then, a salt solution is introduced from the tank into the filter housing, it passes through the ion exchange resin, as a result of which the hardness salts are washed from it and together with the remaining solution, they are poured into the sewer.
The next stage (3) is a short rinse, which once again washes the filter material and washes away the residual salt solution.
After the regeneration is complete, the material is washed with a direct stream of water (stage 4).
The final stage (5) is to fill the salt tank with water to dissolve the tableted salt and prepare the solution for future regeneration.

Thanks to the use of a multifunctional valve, the filter does not require constant attention. The only important task of the customer during the service is timely filling with salt. This guarantees effective regeneration of the filter material and, accordingly, continuous water resources and quality.

In case of any other problems, the valve will inform with a text message on the screen with additional output of the contacts of the service center with which you should contact.

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