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Compact water softener filter Ecosoft FU0817CI



Article: FU0817CABDV

125,000.00 L


Compact water softener filter Ecosoft FU0817CI

The Ecosoft FU0817CI filter is designed to reduce the hardness of indoor water.

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Informacioni i produktit

It will also fit in a small apartment
Height – 64 cm; width – 22.5 cm; depth – 45 cm

Nice and soft water at every tap
Normalizes the hardness level

Plumbing and tiles without white dots
Low concentration of ions that form a precipitate

Low electricity costs
Minimal consumption of salt and electricity

Solving the problem of low quality water for a long time
5 years of effective operation of the filter material

Simple maintenance
Minimal user participation in filter maintenance – periodic pouring of salt into the tank

Sediment on heating elements of household appliances, white spots on tiles and sanitary equipment, cracks on glass surfaces are all consequences of hard water.

In addition to the negative impact on the condition of electrical appliances, the high content of hardness salts affects human health.

The problem of hard water occurs both in wells and in centralized networks. The reasons for the hardness of tap water lie in the imperfection and age of centralized cleaning technologies.

Softening filters such as the Ecosoft FU0817CABDV are used to reduce the hardness of indoor water. HCR-S/S ion exchange resin (cationite manufactured by Dow, Dowex™) is used as the filter material. During filtration, an ion exchange reaction occurs, as a result of which the ions of hardness salts are replaced by safe sodium ions and the level of water hardness is normalized.

The filter softener reduces energy consumption, increases the efficiency of household appliances and prevents their breakdown, and you save on repairs and the purchase of new appliances.

Soft water at every tap
The filter works automatically and silently
Attractive compact design
Reliable and effective operation of the filter material for 5 years (with correct use)

cylinder (column) with filter material
tank for preparation of saline solution and storage of salt
control valve
The filter housing is made of a composite material that is not prone to corrosion.

The Ecosoft FU0817CABDV filter is suitable for apartments with 1 bathroom. Clean water is sufficient for daily domestic use of a family of 1-2 people.

After softening, you can also install a reverse osmosis filter to further purify the water to drinking level.

The water softening filter works automatically. Effectively softens water and independently controls all work processes. When the source of the filter material is exhausted, the system automatically activates the regeneration mode, moreover, only at a time when water consumption is minimal. In addition, the softener remembers the intensity of water use at different times of the day and adjusts so that clean water does not run out during peak consumption – for example, on weekends.

The filter is connected to the cold water supply pipe. After preliminary mechanical cleaning, the water enters the filter cabin, which contains ion-exchange resin. The hardness salts from the water are retained in the resin, and pure water is supplied to the user through the central tube of the cage.

After the resin source is exhausted, when it can no longer hold the hardness ions, the control valve switches the filter into regeneration mode.

Regeneration takes place in 4 stages, which are programmed and switched on by the valve independently.

The first stage – the filter is washed with a reverse flow of water, which loosens the filter material and removes mechanical impurities from it.
Then, a salt solution is introduced from the tank into the filter box, it passes through the resin and washes the hardness salts from it, which, together with the remaining solution, are poured into the sewer.
After regeneration, the material is washed with a direct stream of water (stage 3) to wash off the remaining salt solution.
The final stage is to fill the salt tank with water to dissolve the tablet salt and prepare the solution for subsequent regeneration. After that, the filter can soften the water again.

Thanks to the use of a multifunctional valve, the filter does not need constant attention. The only important task of the user during maintenance is timely filling of salt. This guarantees effective regeneration of the filter material, continuous water resources and quality.

In case of any problem, the valve will inform with a text message on the screen and show the contacts of the service center.

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